Mood Board

My Mum got me some design magazines so I decided to make a mood board out of them, to put all the things I  like in them together.

materialsphotoMaterials :

  • Portfolio
  • Design Magazines
  • Glue dots
  • Scissors






I started by looking through the magazines, cutting out anything I liked the look of including room layouts.


I kept going until I had a good amount of pictures.


I next placed out all the pictures and played around with the layout until I was happy. I then took a photo of this with my phone to use as a reference so I could get it exactly the same.


I then stuck everything down, using the photo on my phone as a reference.


Here is the finished mood board! I will probably make more of these as I find them a good way to my my ideas together in one place but I also use them for inspiration.


First Furniture Moving

On Sunday the 18th February I did the first of the furniture moving.


Here is a before photo. As you can see there is quite a lot of stuff on there, I thought that it looked really messy so I wanted to move these cabinets out the way and all the stuff with them.


I had the help of my Dad and little Sister. These are rather heavy so My Dad helped me lift them but first I took everything off and packed it away into boxes which are now stored away until I’ve finished decorating. My little Sister really wanted to help so she took the doors off and helped with taking the shelves on and off to make it easier to moved around.


I then packed everything off the unit that was currently next to my bed, before moving my bed out the way to hover the area and to dismantle the wooden unit. My Dad and I then lifted one of the white cabinets into the alcove next to my bed and the other one into the alcove next to my Sister’s bed.


My bed was then moved back, and my beanbag has put in the space where the cabinets were for now but once I’ve painted my room the space will be filled with a metal table-cabinet thing from Ikea which has storage space inside it and quite a large top where I display my plants and things of the sort.


This a photo of one of the cabinets after being moved into the alcove. Its looks rather empty now but once decorating has finished I will display some of my things on there.

Having moved the cabinets the room feels bigger even though one is still in the room and its quite nice to have a change as those have been in that space since we moved into the house ( roughly 9 years ago).


My Brief

By May 2017 I must have designed and created a modern style room for a 14 year old girl  (myself) within the budget of £200, documenting my progress of the room,as well as any side projects that will be used to decorate the room at the end, with a digital camera and blog posts. Many of the things used for the room will be from charity shops (as they are cheap ans the money goes to a good cause) but also up-cycling things from different places like car boot sales or things I already have in the house.

The themes/ideas for the room so far are;

  • green, white/cream, copper/gold
  • geometric shapes
  • plants- displayed in different interesting ways
  • lots of out of sight places to put stuff so it looks really tidy

At the end of the project, all the art work will be handed in drawn up in neat in a portfolio and the blog posts (possibly) printed of and displayed in a binder or something of the sort.

Mini Project 2: Creating a Water Garden

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and thought it looked really cool so i decided to give it a go. I went to the local pet shop to by the plants as i knew that they sold fish so they most likely sold water plants. We looked around at the budgies and bunnies before going upstairs to the reptile and fish section. I chose two plants, both self-oxygenating, one was quite tall and almost ‘fluffy’ the other just looked like a regular-ish plant with waxy leaves.


  • Glass jar – bought from charity shopIMG_5334.JPG
  • 2 water plants- from pet shop
  • gravel- already had
  • glass stones/decorative gravel/ river pebbles-charity shop




First i washed the gravel really well as well as rinsed the river pebbles ect.


I then made a funnel out of paper and used it to add a thin layer of gravel to the bottom of the jar.


Then ,using the same funnel, I added a slightly thicker layer of the blue decorative gravel.


Next I used a kebab stick to dig a hole big enough for the base of the first plant and carefully placed it in with the help of the kebab stick, covering with some of the gravel.


I was putting in the second plant when I realised it was to tall so I took of the foam and plastic covered wire, then trimmed small amounts off at a time until I was happy with the height. I then repeated the planting steps I used for the last plant.There wasn’t quite enough of the blue gravel to completely cover the base of the plant, so i added more until I was happy.


I then used a jug to pour in the water onto the back of a spoon to help the water to not disturb the gravel.


After one jugful (this jug is rather small) I added the pebbles and glass stones. Not entirely sure why I didn’t do this before adding the water but that’s just what happened.


Here is the finished garden! I added a few extra glass stones and moved some of the leaves around to help fill the jar up a bit. They water will need changing once a week to keep the algae down and keeping it out of direct sunlight should help with this.

My Mum asked the shop assistant about adding snails, she said that assassin snails would be okay so I,m thinking about that but  will probably go ahead as I quite like the idea of having a jar of water plants and snails.


My budget is £200.

So far I have bought:

February 14th

  • 3 plants for mini project 1- £3
  • A picture frame for air plant feature- £1.50
  • String of light bulb fairy lights- £6
  • Glass jar – £1

Total: £11.50

February 15th

  • 2 water plants- £4.98
  • Decorative stones- £1

Total: £5.98

February 23rd

  • x3 hexagonal shelves-£6 each

Total: £18

February 24th

  • Hippo head plant holder-£4

Total- £4

15th March

  • IKEA cabinet -£70


11th April

  • Lamp shade- £9.99

Total- £9.99

22nd April

  • Wallpaper-£10
  • curtain rod-£13.50


30th April

  • 3 plants-£5


6th May

  • 2 medium baskets-£24
  • 2 large baskets-£28





Mini Project 1: Aloe Garden

Creating mini aloe and cacti garden

Materials/Budget:  Photo A

Enamel tray – already had

Soil/Gravel – already had

Shells/sea glass – collected from beach

River pebbles – already had

Plants – £3

Total to be deducted from my overall budget – £3


I was recovering from flu so stayed at home while my mother and younger sister went into town.  They saw a rack of aloes and cacti at one of the “cheap” shops in town and bought me 3 plants to cheer me up.  We’re not sure if they will survive as all my other succulents have come from specialist shops but I thought I’d give it a go.

Firstly I looked around for a container to make the mini garden in.  I found the chipped enamel plate in the garden where it has been used as a saucer for a plant. Then I gathered the cacti soil, gravel and decorative items that I wished to use.  I already had everything I needed as I had potted up a fish bowl terrarium a few weeks ago.



I started by placing a thin layer of gravel into the bottom of the dish.



I then filled the dish the rest of the way with the cactus potting mix.




I played around with the positioning of the plants until I was happy.  The plants were VERY dry so I sprayed their roots with water as I was planting them into the dish.




The final positions



I sprinkled the river rocks onto the soil making sure there was a roughly even coverage that still looked natural.



I then picked out the selection of shells and sea glass to add some interesting features to my garden.



The finished garden!  I’ll water it once a week to start off with as I’m not sure how well they had been looked after by the shop.  I’ll have to adjust the water/light levels according to how they are looking over the next few weeks.