Mini Project 1: Aloe Garden

Creating mini aloe and cacti garden

Materials/Budget:  Photo A

Enamel tray – already had

Soil/Gravel – already had

Shells/sea glass – collected from beach

River pebbles – already had

Plants – £3

Total to be deducted from my overall budget – £3


I was recovering from flu so stayed at home while my mother and younger sister went into town.  They saw a rack of aloes and cacti at one of the “cheap” shops in town and bought me 3 plants to cheer me up.  We’re not sure if they will survive as all my other succulents have come from specialist shops but I thought I’d give it a go.

Firstly I looked around for a container to make the mini garden in.  I found the chipped enamel plate in the garden where it has been used as a saucer for a plant. Then I gathered the cacti soil, gravel and decorative items that I wished to use.  I already had everything I needed as I had potted up a fish bowl terrarium a few weeks ago.



I started by placing a thin layer of gravel into the bottom of the dish.



I then filled the dish the rest of the way with the cactus potting mix.




I played around with the positioning of the plants until I was happy.  The plants were VERY dry so I sprayed their roots with water as I was planting them into the dish.




The final positions



I sprinkled the river rocks onto the soil making sure there was a roughly even coverage that still looked natural.



I then picked out the selection of shells and sea glass to add some interesting features to my garden.



The finished garden!  I’ll water it once a week to start off with as I’m not sure how well they had been looked after by the shop.  I’ll have to adjust the water/light levels according to how they are looking over the next few weeks.



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