First Furniture Moving

On Sunday the 18th February I did the first of the furniture moving.


Here is a before photo. As you can see there is quite a lot of stuff on there, I thought that it looked really messy so I wanted to move these cabinets out the way and all the stuff with them.


I had the help of my Dad and little Sister. These are rather heavy so My Dad helped me lift them but first I took everything off and packed it away into boxes which are now stored away until I’ve finished decorating. My little Sister really wanted to help so she took the doors off and helped with taking the shelves on and off to make it easier to moved around.


I then packed everything off the unit that was currently next to my bed, before moving my bed out the way to hover the area and to dismantle the wooden unit. My Dad and I then lifted one of the white cabinets into the alcove next to my bed and the other one into the alcove next to my Sister’s bed.


My bed was then moved back, and my beanbag has put in the space where the cabinets were for now but once I’ve painted my room the space will be filled with a metal table-cabinet thing from Ikea which has storage space inside it and quite a large top where I display my plants and things of the sort.


This a photo of one of the cabinets after being moved into the alcove. Its looks rather empty now but once decorating has finished I will display some of my things on there.

Having moved the cabinets the room feels bigger even though one is still in the room and its quite nice to have a change as those have been in that space since we moved into the house ( roughly 9 years ago).



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