As it’s now the Easter Holidays I decided to paint my walls as I have more time, two of the walls already had 1 coat of paint on so I concentrated on the other two. I started by moving any furniture out the way then covering everything in dust sheets and getting the paint.



The paint had separated so I gave it a good mix before finding the smallest paint brush and learning from my Mum how to ‘cut in’. ‘Cutting in’ is painting around the edges of the walls to get a neat edge around the skirting board, ceiling and anything else the wall touches. ‘Cutting in’ was definitely the most tedious part of the process.



Once the first coat had dried, I noticed the the wallpaper underneath had started peeling of the wall. I think it was the moisture of the paint that caused this, but to fix it me, my Mum and my sister went to the Range to buy some wallpaper glue ( to stick it down) and some filler to fill the gaps that there were. Whilst we were there I picked up some free wallpaper samples, to use in my portfolio as part of some pages on texture I’m doing.

To stick the wallpaper down I used one of my sister’s little paintbrushes, this worked really well as I was able to easily get underneath the bit that had peeled up without peeling up anymore. It didn’t say on the tub how long to let it dry so I left it over night just to be sure. The next day I did the filling, which was also pretty straight forward. Using my finger to apply it to the wall the a scraper to scrape off the excess. After a few hours it was dry so I sanded it with some really fine sandpaper to get a smooth finish and make everything even.

The next day I did and second coat on both walls, I only just had enough paint to do it and when we went to get more paint to do a third coat we realised that the colour I’ve used, melon sorbet, isn’t made anymore so we’re going to have to go to B&Q and get it costom made which it a bit annoying but at least there is a way of getting the colour I need. so instead of doing another coat I sanded the woodwork, tied up the painting stuff, vacuumed, and put my room back to how it was.

I really like the way the colour look on my walls, it looks fine with two coats but three will look better. now that the majority of the paintings done, I can start the decorating which is going to be the bset part of this whole thing I think.


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