IKEA Bureau.

After moving the white cupboards out the way there was quite a gap where they were. So to fill this gap I asked my Dad to buy me a white metal bureau from IKEA . Putting it together was not the easiest  thing as IKEA instructions are not the best but with the help of my Dad we got it together and I’m really happy with how it looks.


When my Dad brought home I helped carry it up the stairs which was easier said then done as the box was rather heavy and oddly shaped so getting round the newel post and the top of the stairs was interesting..


we then started the assembly process. It took a while for us to understand how to start but once we figured it out it was together quite quickly.


here are some more photos of the assembly process.




And here is the final product! Like I said earlier I’m really happy with how it looks, as you can see I put my plants and some of my jewellery on there. Its is a lot shorter in height than I thought is was but I am surprised with amount if storage space it has and I like the fact it has keys so you can lock it.



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