Re-vamping the Wardrobe


In my room there was a wardrobe and two sets of cupboards that had doors with slats, I didn’t particularly like the look of them. Originally I was going to take out the slats, re-enforce   the cupboards and cover the middle with fabric but when we went to look at the materials needed I realised that it was going to cost way to much to do that, so I had to come up with something else. Eventually I decided to take the doors off completely on the two sets of smaller cupboards and replace the doors on the larger wardrobe with extra curtains I had.

So we went out again the following weekend to buy Paint for the woodwork that I was doing, whilst we were there bought some wallpaper to line to insides of the smaller cupboards and bought a metal rod to put the curtains on and the appropriate fittings for the rod.


When we got home I took off the doors (with the help of my dad) then measured the cupboards with a measuring tape.


We then cut the rod to the right size before attaching the fittings to the inside of the wardrobe.


After checking that the rod fitted we slided on the curtain and put it up. (that’s also the wallpaper I chose for the inside of the cupboard above.)


Here is the final thing, once the first one was done and I was happy we repeated the steps for the second one. I really like how it looks and will be doing the smaller cupboards above soon once I’ve bought the wallpaper paste and sorted out the woodwork.


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