My Brief

By May 2017 I must have designed and created a modern style room for a 14 year old girl  (myself) within the budget of £200, documenting my progress of the room,as well as any side projects that will be used to decorate the room at the end, with a digital camera and blog posts. Many of the things used for the room will be from charity shops (as they are cheap ans the money goes to a good cause) but also up-cycling things from different places like car boot sales or things I already have in the house.

The themes/ideas for the room so far are;

  • green, white/cream, copper/gold
  • geometric shapes
  • plants- displayed in different interesting ways
  • lots of out of sight places to put stuff so it looks really tidy

At the end of the project, all the art work will be handed in drawn up in neat in a portfolio and the blog posts (possibly) printed of and displayed in a binder or something of the sort.


Mini Project 1: Aloe Garden

Creating mini aloe and cacti garden

Materials/Budget:  Photo A

Enamel tray – already had

Soil/Gravel – already had

Shells/sea glass – collected from beach

River pebbles – already had

Plants – £3

Total to be deducted from my overall budget – £3


I was recovering from flu so stayed at home while my mother and younger sister went into town.  They saw a rack of aloes and cacti at one of the “cheap” shops in town and bought me 3 plants to cheer me up.  We’re not sure if they will survive as all my other succulents have come from specialist shops but I thought I’d give it a go.

Firstly I looked around for a container to make the mini garden in.  I found the chipped enamel plate in the garden where it has been used as a saucer for a plant. Then I gathered the cacti soil, gravel and decorative items that I wished to use.  I already had everything I needed as I had potted up a fish bowl terrarium a few weeks ago.



I started by placing a thin layer of gravel into the bottom of the dish.



I then filled the dish the rest of the way with the cactus potting mix.




I played around with the positioning of the plants until I was happy.  The plants were VERY dry so I sprayed their roots with water as I was planting them into the dish.




The final positions



I sprinkled the river rocks onto the soil making sure there was a roughly even coverage that still looked natural.



I then picked out the selection of shells and sea glass to add some interesting features to my garden.



The finished garden!  I’ll water it once a week to start off with as I’m not sure how well they had been looked after by the shop.  I’ll have to adjust the water/light levels according to how they are looking over the next few weeks.